Making Tracks

One of my favourite things about snowshoeing is being able to get off the beaten track and forge my own trails. Yesterday Charlie and I trekked right across the middle of the marsh (he had a good sniff around the beaver lodge!), through drifts that all but buried him, and right through undergrowth dense enough to have us clambering over deadfalls and squeezing between saplings.

This is the first year I’ve used poles for snowshoeing, and now I can’t imagine why I didn’t think to do so before. They’re invaluable for keeping my balance, holding aside branches, and fending off Charlie when he steps on my snowshoes while walking too close behind me. That latter bit doesn’t happen very often, though, because he’s tall enough to do much of the trail-forging all by himself. 😉

making tracks

making tracks2

making tracks3

making tracks4



‘Tis The Season For Snowshoeing

We already have enough (more than enough!) snow on the ground here for some decent snowshoeing and I am thrilled. As a bonus, this is the earliest I’ve ever been able to get out on the trails and it looks as though the white stuff is here to stay for a goodly length of time.

I’ve actually been out a couple of times since my last post, but the weather has been a little on the chilly side (read: too cold to take off my mittens long enough to snap a photo). Today was positively balmy by comparison, with the temperature hovering just below the freezing mark. It was perfect for getting out for more than an hour, and for these. 🙂


The underside of pine branches


Winter willow


Gnarled branches


Solid beauty of a maple trunk


Staghorn sumacs


Breaking trails


Tired but happy