Welcome, and thank you so much for checking out my blog! My name is Linda Poitevin and I am the author of the supernatural thriller series The Grigori Legacy from Ace/Roc Books. When I’m not parked in front of my keyboard for way too many hours at a stretch, I love taking long walks in the woods and along the Ottawa River. In fact, doing so is actually kind of a necessity, because of this fella:

Meet Charlie…all 127 lbs. of him, affectionately referred to as Charlie-horse, Moron, or Jesus Dog, depending on the circumstances (the latter having to do with his failed attempt to run across the solar cover on our pool in pursuit of a squirrel…and through various screens…sigh). Apart from being a lovable, albeit clumsy, clown, Charlie has turned out to be the world’s best walking companion. A rather fortuitous turn of events, as I love to walk, and I especially love to walk in the woods.

I also love to take pictures. And while I have occasionally posted some of my photos on my author blog, a dedicated page seemed like a much better idea (and perhaps a less annoying one for those people expecting writerly stuff on my website :)). So here you have it. A record of my woodland rambles with my Charlie-horse.


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