The Many Facets of Ice

Winter trail-walking can be hazardous if you’re not watching where you put your feet. Unexpected clumps of ice, hidden branches, new snow masking really big, really deep holes…it’s an adventure, all right. 😉

But there’s a benefit to having to keep an eye on the ground. Turns out there’s all sorts of little stuff down there that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Stuff such as ice — from the solid, polished surface of the marsh, to the ridge of broken chunks driven up along the edge of the river by the wind after a thaw, to the most amazingly gorgeous, delicate, crystalline forms.

Today’s snow will have covered up most of what I found, but it’s kind of awesome knowing that it was there, however briefly…and that I took the time to see it. 🙂

Ice from a thaw plowed up onto the river's edge by the wind.

Bank of ice from a thaw, plowed up onto the river’s edge by the wind.

ice6Ice on a tree trunk


Crystals on a frozen marsh

Crystals on a frozen marsh




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