A Changing World

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, I suppose. As November draws to an end and Christmas bears down on us with increasing speed (is it just me, or does it arrive sooner every year?), winter — true winter — was inevitable. Whether or not this snowfall stays with us remains to be seen, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be in a rush to disappear.

Despite my whining and complaining about the cold and snow, I do still go for my walks with Charlie. Last year I was out in -35 Celsius weather with him, and given the alternative of having 127 lbs of energy cooped up in the house for days or weeks on end, I’m sure that I will be this year, too. It’s nice to start out a little milder than that, though…and with a windchill of only -11 C yesterday, a walk along the river was good practice — and a chance to break in my new winter boots!

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6 Comments on “A Changing World”

  1. Diana Ilinca says:

    It’s gorgeous there!

  2. love the bridge picture. That is waaaaay too cold for me!

  3. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I see snow so seldom here I almost forget how pretty it is. Enjoy the beauty of it!

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