Rising Waters and Fading Sunlight

It’s only been a few days since I last visited the river, but the changes I see today are immense. Nearly all the trees are stripped bare, standing like so many pencils now, straight and sharp against the sky. The light they let through has changed, too: pale and watery, lacking in its former intensity…and in its warmth.

The biggest change is in the river itself. While we haven’t had an overabundance of rain in this area (despite Sandy’s threats), they certainly must have had some upriver, because this is the highest water I’ve ever seen at this time of year. Most of the shoreline where Charlie and I walked only last week is now under water, curtailing our explorations somewhat (much to Charlie’s disappointment). And, while the higher water has made the rapids quite spectacular, the heron who fished at their foot has moved on to calmer territory.

About the only ones who seem entirely undisturbed are the ducks, who were swimming happily around the bases of trees and a park bench as we passed by.

Oh, and a change in bird life, too, as avians who summer in the Laurentian Mountains begin their trek south: house finches, cedar waxwings, junkos, a downy woodpecker. Nice to see them…sad to see them go.

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2 Comments on “Rising Waters and Fading Sunlight”

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Wow that’s a lot of water. Good ol’ ducks, so adaptable. I often envy wildlife that can live in the harshest conditions, seemingly perfectly comfortable. Love the shot of the sun through the bare trees, that’s frame-worthy 🙂

    • Thanks, DD! And yes, it is a lot of water. We normally see levels like this in the spring with the runoff, but this early? April could be interesting if we get a lot of snow this year.

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