Autumn’s Decline

I’m sitting at my desk this morning, gazing out onto the kind of dreary fall day that makes no effort to hide the fact winter is just around the corner. It’s been raining all night, the trees in my back yard are baring even as I watch, and it is a decidely un-balmy 5 degrees Celsius.

While Charlie would have no problem with the idea of a walk, I have to admit that my level of enthusiasm doesn’t quite match his. I’ll probably bite the proverbial bullet at some point, however, because with Hurricane Sandy expected to have an impact on even these northern climes, the next several days could be wet, wetter, and wettest. In the meantime, however, I’ll leave you with these from our last walk…on a day much different from this!

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5 Comments on “Autumn’s Decline”

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I don’t know what it is about autumn, but I always feel more … connected. Love your pictures, what a beautiful area you live in 🙂

    • We do live in a gorgeous area, D.D., rich in geographical history, human history, plant & animal life…I feel truly blessed to be here and try to appreciate it every day. You can remind me I said that in January! 😉

  2. Palas says:

    that’s your dog? aaawwww!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Linda. And our autumn has blossomed in the past couple of weeks, hasn’t it? November is usually so dreary but we have been blessed with lots of sun. I have to meet Charlie sometime – what a sweetheart.

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