Breathing Close to Home

Not far from our house, Charlie and I have discovered a secret walking place. Well, not too secret, visible as it is from both the golf course and the shopping centre that border it , but still…it has that air about it, perhaps because so few people seem to use it.

This, combined with its sheer convenience, makes it a favourite go-to place when walking time is short. From our home to the pond at the back of the golf course and back is about an hour, a good portion of which Charlie spends off-leash (to his great delight). Because we walk it so often, it has become for me a study in changing seasons. This year, a lush spring gave way to the brittle heat of a drought-ridden summer; now, the parade of colours and textures that make up autumn have taken hold.

On one of the paths, wending its way through a grove of trees, someone has placed a bench. It’s the perfect place to pause for a few minutes. To reflect. To remember to breathe.

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