A Walk in the Woods

I really, really, really wanted to call this blog “A Walk in the Woods” as a nod to one of my favourite books of all time by Bill Bryson…alas, that name was already taken on WordPress (though never used *grumble*) and so I had to do some creative thinking-type stuff to come up with an alternative. While not quite as catchy as Mr. Bryson’s title (in my opinion, anyway), I’ve decided that Woodland Rambles will do quite nicely…particularly with respect to accuracy.

Because really, that’s what Charlie (he’s my dog) and I do. We ramble in the woods. Rather often. Actually, to be accurate, I do far more rambling than Charlie does. He’s more of a plunge through the underbrush and stop to widdle on everything that doesn’t move kind of guy. I swear he covers triple the distance that I do on most of our walks.

Today we headed out along the Ottawa River, which divides Canada’s capital, Ottawa, from the city of Gatineau (and the province of Ontario from Quebec). It wa’s a typical, changeable autumn day here, with a temperature swinging from “I wish I brought a jacket” to taking off my cardigan when the sun came out. Still, no complaints from me as we’ve not had any frost yet and the weather truly is glorious. The air along the river has the warm, hummus-y smell of fallen leaves and dwindling plant life; the trees range from green to russet to brilliant gold, scarlet, and crimson — covering every possible shade between; and the geese are pausing on the water as they fly south for the winter. With luck, we’ll have many more days just like it.

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8 Comments on “A Walk in the Woods”

  1. Carol says:

    How beautiful! Yet another reason to come out there. My dog was like Charlie, widdling on everything….WHERE do they get all the widdle material from? It defies logic.

    • In our case, my Charlie detours into every body of water (regardless of size) that he can find. Even if he doesn’t drink, I think there’s an osmosis process going on… 😉

      Thanks for checking out my new place on the web, and yes, you DEFINITELY need to come for a visit!!

  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Oh oh, ok, I’m such a dork sometimes 🙂 Such beautiful pictures, I can see why you like to go walking so much. Congrats on the new blog!

    • Thanks so much! I love taking the pics, and it’s nice to have a place to share them. And I really, really don’t think my author blog was the best place to do so…though people were generally very nice about it, lol!

  3. Cassi Carver says:

    Amazing pictures! Lucky you to live in such a beautiful place! 🙂

  4. cydmadsen says:

    What a lovely new blog. And dogs! Aren’t they just the best companions for those long walks? Your photos are beautiful, but I’m surprised at how many resemble the landscapes down here in the River Valley Region of Arkansas. My two pooches are frou-frou dogs we rescued, but wowza! did they ever turn country fast and love it. My dainty Shit-Zu Molly is on her back now, exhausted and snoring like a wild beast. No frou-frou happening here.

    My blog about moving from the big city to the country will go public in a month. We’ll have to share adventures in the brambles and woods with critters that make us say, “Eeek!”

    • Interesting that the terrain is so similar, Cyd. I’ll look forward to seeing some of your photos of the area in your new blog…and reading about your adventures (how exciting!!). Be sure to let me know when it’s up! 🙂

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